Where to Drink

Where to Drink / In and Around Chicago

Cocktail spots in Logan Square

06/04/2021 Try craft cocktails from celebrity menus and perfect hangouts at these Logan Square joints.

Where to Drink / Restaurants

Best Cocktails in Restaurants in Chicago

02/04/2021 Whether it’s brunch, lunch or dinner, it's made better with a cocktail. Enjoy a meal at one of these restaurants in the city, known for their drinks.

What to Drink

What to Drink / Spirits

Alcohol-Free Drinks are All the Rage

30/03/2021 Alcohol-free drinks are growing in popularity in unprecedented numbers. Make the mocktail your new best friend, it’s here to stay.

Things to Do

Things to Do / Events

What to do in Chicago: April 2021

24/03/2021 From pizza and beer fests to wine tastings, get a taste of spring as Chicago brings you a wide palate of events this April.


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