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Fizzing up the Windy city - Hard Seltzer craze

05/01/2024 The Era of bubbly Hard Seltzer is favorable for many Chicagoans. This low-calorie fizzy drink is everyone’s favorite in Illinois, increasing its growth by USD 6.53 billion in 2023 across the USA.

What to Drink / Spirits

11 Non-Alcoholic Spirits That'll Get You Through Dry January 2024

04/01/2024 Spirits alternatives are high in popularity as more & more health conscious people are looking forward to “Dry January” since its inception in 2013. Here is our list of new non-alcoholic drinks to try during this month & stay booze-free!

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Say yes to these 6 cocktails from Chicago

27/12/2023 Chicago widely known as Windy city is cherished worldwide for its Food, vibrant architecture, iconic neighborhood & deep-dish pizza as well as famous for its Drinking Culture & mesmerizing cocktails, with ranging variation to delight our palate.

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Whiskey and Chicago : A timeless love story

27/03/2023 A complete compilation of whiskey originating from Chicago, the best whiskey bars, independent whiskey stores and whiskey cocktails enjoyed by the city!


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