Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon

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Small Batch Bourbon

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Four Roses Bourbon


Four Roses Small Batch combines four of our distinct Bourbon recipes to achieve exceptional balance. Easy to drink neat, on the rocks – or as the foundation of a great craft cocktail. A top-shelf staple.

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Photo for: Shirley  Brooks

Shirley Brooks

Bartender at Madrone Art Bar

Approachable, delicious, sipping whiskey

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Sweet, mellow whiskey that is approachable and easy to sip on it's own. Complex: Notes of oak, caramel, and other fall flavors such as apples and cinnamon. Creamy yet clean on the palate. Nice finish.

Photo for: Nora  Furst

Nora Furst

Beverage professional with roots in SF and The PNW

An upstanding bourbon, perfect alongside a slice of peach pie

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Notes of chamomile, lilac, chewy, lemon curd, hazelnut, and cocoa powder

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