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FB Metodo Ancestrale Sparkles at the Sommelier Choice Awards

The Albinea Canali FB Metodo Ancestrale takes home the Sparkling Wine of the Year award at the 2021 Sommelier Choice Awards.

There are very few competitions in the world that give justice to the entrants, standing out in a very competitive field. In the world of wine, the Sommeliers Choice Awards is definitely a part of that list. With the goal of providing on-premise buyers and sommeliers with a benchmark for wines that will be a great addition to their wine list. In order to do so, the judging panel has to be one with a strong background in the wine industry with a pool of knowledge so vast that every bit of information shared is worth its weight in gold. 


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When you're out dining and looking to have a glass of sparkling, you know the best choice is a glass of the Albinea Canali FB Metodo Ancestrale, the number 1 choice of sommeliers for sparkling wines. 

The 2021 edition of the Sommelier Choice Awards had exactly that. The judges at the event this year included Master Sommeliers like Brett Davis, Maximilian Kast, Laura Williamson and more along with wine and beverage directors like Katelyn Peil, Jon McDaniel and Sean Widger. It brought together 20 Master Sommeliers under one roof to judge the wines and give us a list of the most magnificent wines. A feat in itself, this shows the competition's commitment to quality and reliable judging.

Among these wines, awarded on the basis of their quality, value, packaging, food pairing ability and typicity, were a select few that garnered the distinction of being the best wines at the competition. The Sommeliers Choice Awards awards special honors for wines that stand out in their category. One such title is the Sparkling Wine of the Year award which was bestowed upon the Albinea Canali Lambrusco FB Metodo Ancestrale. The winery that produced this sparkling wine is the Cantina Albinea Canali

The Albinea Canali Story

In 1934, Lorenzo Motti and Riziero Camellini decided to join hands with seven and later twelve growers of Lambrusco and Ancellotta. The regions had a strong agricultural vocation, stretching out to the south of Reggio Emilia. In the span of the next two years, more grape producers joined Lorenzo and Riziero’s effort and in 1936, Cantina Albinea Canali was officially founded. In the decades that have followed, the number of grape suppliers has risen to triple digits and are hugely behind the success of the winery. 

Along with the grape suppliers, the number of wines produced by the winery has also gone upwards. In those high-quality wines, produced with great knowledge and know-how stands the Albinea Canali Lambrusco FB Metodo Ancestrale, the Sparkling Wine of the Year award winner at the 2021 Sommelier Choice Awards. Produced using ancestral methods passed down to the team, the grapes for the FB Metodo Ancestrale come from the deep, medium-textured soils from the plains and lower hillsides of the Provinces of Reggio Emilia and Modena. 


Pink in color with purplish highlights, the nose of the FB Metodo Ancestrale is fresh with a typical hint of crusty bread. The mouth is dry with a characteristic acidulous note. The taste and the mouthfeel are ideal to be accompanied with cold cuts, ravioli and tortellini or a pizza and a selection of grilled meats. The semi-sparkling wine will do justice to any lavish meal you put on the table and add sparkle to your celebrations with its pour. 

While the Albinea Canali Lambrusco FB Metodo Ancestrale is Cantina Albinea Canali’s sparkling jewel, the winery also has other great wines that you should try. The Stellato, Ottocentonero, Ottocentorosa, Foglierosse and more are all amazing additions to the wine list of any restaurant and your home bar. Find their collection on Vivino. Get your Albinea Canali FB Metodo Ancestrale on Minibar

While the focus of Cantina Albinea Canali is on the wines and rightly so, the winery doesn’t shy away from providing great hospitality to wine enthusiasts who come to their land. The winery has opened its rooms to curious visitors, wanting to learn more about the winery’s history and its place in the Italian wine heritage. The atmosphere, whether for a private event or a personal getaway is cozy and welcoming. Along with the rooms, the team at Cantina Albinea Canali also provides tutored tastings, winery tours and food pairing tastings that will draw your attention. 

The 2021 Sommelier Choice Awards was a competition that featured wines from 26 countries with 142 different types of wines and varietals on show. Italy was among the countries with the biggest representation following the USA and the Albinea Canali FB Medoto Ancestrale was among the finest wines to come from the country. You can follow the winery’s journey on Facebook as they take the next step following their spectacular achievement at the Sommelier Choice Awards. 

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